Custom harvest/cosecha personalizada

Good day.
When i make a harvest with OAI i get too much data (title, journal, volume, number, etc).
how can i select/custom the data of harvest?
Bruno Gonzalez

Buen día.
Cuando hago una cosecha con OAI obtengo muchos datos(titulo, revista, volumen, numero, etc).
¿Como puedo seleccionar/personalizar los datos de la cosecha?
Bruno Gonzalez

Hey @Bruno welcome to our forum!

How are you performing your request? If you are using our API, there is a parameter called fetch_only_meta that should allow you to pass an array of IDs o metadatums that you desire. You can read about it here: API Documentation

That said, OAI protocol support is still in early stages in Tainacan and we should improve it’s options in the future…

Thanks to response my question.

On wich one file is this parameter(fetch_only_meta)?

Thanks for your time.

Gracias por responder mi pregunta.

En que archivo se encuentra este parametro(fetch_only_meta)?

Gracias por su tiempo.

Thanks @mateus.m.luna , but where is the parameter fetch_only_meta?

Thanks for your time.

Hi @Bruno that would be passed in your request.

For example, if the metadata that I want to fetch in have IDs of 123 and 456, my request would be something like /items?fetch_only_meta[0]=123&fetch_only_meta[0]=456. The items would then come with only this metadata instead of the complete data.

Lo que entiendo es que con fetch_only_meta puedo decir el id de inicio y de fin para mi cosecha. Pero la cosecha traería, por ejemplo:
titulo, volumen, numero, revista, link para descargar PDF, etc.

¿Hay alguna forma en que la cosecha solo obtenga:
titulo, volumen?

What I understand is that with fetch_only_meta I can tell the start and end id for my harvest. But the harvest would bring, for example:
title, volume, number, magazine, link to download PDF, etc.

Is there a way that the harvest will only get:
title, volume?

O que eu entendo é que com fetch_only_meta posso dizer a id de início e fim da minha colheita. Mas a colheita traria, por exemplo:
título, volume, número, revista, link para baixar PDF, etc.

Existe uma maneira que a colheita só vai conseguir:
título, volume?

Gracias por su tiempo/ Thanks for your time / Obrigado pelo seu tempo

Not really @Bruno. If you pass the postin parameter, then you would be filtering by an array of item
IDs. The fetch_only_meta is meant to say: “Hey, get me all these items but bring me only this information from them”. The IDs there are Metadata IDs, not Items.

Can you provide us with one link of your instalation so we can make some exemples of queries?