User interface integration with Peepso plugin

I am building a social network for sports memorabilia collectors. They will be able to connect with other collectors, have a private online portfolio and public portfolio.
The social network plugin I am using is called Peepso on WordPress. I have added the Tainacan plugin which allows me to create a collection, publish it and then see it on the platform. I did all of this as the “admin”.
My question is, can I create a customized tainacan feature on the peepso social network which will allow registered users to upload photos and add metadata privately, then publish certain bits of data, photo, description, etc publicly?
I appreciate you may not be familiar with Peepso, here is a link to the social network I am building:

I want a collector to be able to register on the social network platform and be able to have a private online portfolio and public gallery using the Tainacan plugin that is integrated with the Peepso platform.


Hey @sportsgrails, welcome to our forum!

I know I owe you an email, sorry for not being able to reply immediately. In any ways, I feel this can be a good place to discuss your demands.

So I see you want the community members to have their own collections in Tainacan. As I mentioned in the wp forum, displaying the list of items in the Peepso UI should not be a problem, as we can use the Gutenberg blocks for that. There are two things that come in mind at start:

  1. I am not sure if the Peepso plugin creates different user roles and if so, if we will have to configure this roles to allow them to manage Tainacan collections. Hopefully, we can do this using our own Roles and Capabilities UI.
  2. While displaying the items list is doable with blocks, displaying a traditional Tainacan Item page (with all the metadata and a nice media gallery) is not something automatic for different themes, and I would probably have to do some coding in the theme used by the Peepso framework.

Is this installation of Peepso that you linked open for experimentation? I could try a few things to have a better idea of what is possible if you give access to it.

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Hi Mateus,
Thank you very much for your reply, I greatly appreciate it.
Yes, you are very welcome to have access to my Peepso platform.
I just need your email address to add you as an admin and give you a password to access it.
Please email me at and I will use your email to give you access.
If you can help I would gladly compensate you for your help.
I have already got a developer to start looking into it though I would much rather work with you as you obviously know a lot more than anyone else. Please let me know you would be interested in working with me to integrate Tainacan into Peepso.

Good! I’ve just sent you an email.

While I would enjoy working on your project directly, I also don’t see any problem in helping a developer that you know on this process. For us it is important that more people get to know the internals of Tainacan. But lets begin by making this investigation of what is possible. If it turns out to be too complicated we can discuss a more formal work.

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Thanks Mateus, that makes sense.
I have sent you an email.
I look forward to hearing back from you.