A reference site for criminal archives

Hello everyone,
A criminal archive website requested a repository system from me. I advised them Tainacan. Here is their current site: https://bellekmuzesi.org/
We are a software company from Turkey. We are experienced in Dspace. But for this site, I think Tainacan fits better.
What do you think?
A few questions before quoting:

  • Is there any websites which implemented Tainacan for criminal repos? I found one in the webpage, but I think it is not working anymore.
  • Is tanican capable of handling 50.000 plus content including images, documents and videos.

Hello @Fatih_Gunes, welcome to our community!

To be honest I’m not sure but at this point we really don’t have much control of which institutions are using Tainacan, there might be some that we are not aware of. Some Brazilian projects that I can mention:

  • Memorial da Resistência de SP - A collection of photos, interviews and documents related to the Brazilian dictatorship period;
  • Museu da Lava Jato - Covers facets of a famous and polemic corruption investigation operation that happened in Brazil in the last years;
  • Centro de Memória Queixadas - Has several documents of a neighborhood in São Paulo that has a history of fight for human rights;

Yes, but it is good to consider some things. Much of the performance will also depend on your server hosting settings and of course WordPress settings. We discuss some of the things that can be done in this page (I’m sorry, not all of it is translated to English yet). If search performance becomes an issue, we have developed an integration with the ElasticPress plugin, which uses ElasticSearch extra indexing and provides some good results.

BTW, nice to have users from Turkey :slight_smile:

Some of our users did come from DSpace, so I guess it may be a natural transition. We opted to develop a WordPress-based solution much because our users don’t usually have the experience or hosting server ready to set up a DSpace. I think we also have a larger focus on “publishing”, as in providing ways not only to manage the digital repository, but also to exhibit items, documents and metadata in a more customizable way, taking advantage of some of the features that WordPress already provides. Much of the quality of it, of course, still depends on having a nice theme and that is when developers can hop in to make a smoother integration.

If you have any interest on learning more and eventually get into development, don’t hesitate to ask! :tainacan:

@matheus.m.luna Thank you for your fast response. I believe that Tainacan is a better fit for digital collections. I promote it to our dspace customers for their non-scientific digital archives.
Hope we can create good references in Turkey.