Add metadata fields into a query loop?

hi, is it possible to use the “Tainacan Item Metadatum” block together with the query loop? As far as I can tell, I have to pick a specific object used by the block. It would be really nice if that block could be used within a loop, display the selected metadatum of the looped object (similar to how the regular blocks date, excerpt etc work). Is this possible / planned for the future?

ps. thanks for the Query Loop Block Variations, less chance to mess up the configuration of the query loops!

Hi @AronAmbrosiani!

You might be one of the first users to actually notice the Query loop variation, I’m glad they were useful! :rofl:

So… while not ready, this should be feasible. I’ve been reading some block editor documentation lately and now they have filters that make this possible. The variations are just the “first step” on my dream to make our other blocks kinda “useless”, due to the existing of core solutions. This was kinda the original idea already when I first created the Item Metadatum block… but it’s not there yet

I honestly like playing a lot with gutenberg features, but we’re in the middle of a big refactor of the admin code (no new features, I’m migrating from Vue2 to Vue3), which is taking a lot of time. I can’t promisse anything for this year anymore :sweat_smile:

Now, I’m not 100% sure if this cannot be achieved already by some plugin… because we do use WordPress meta fields and taxonomies to register those metadata, so maybe, MAYBE, there is some plugin out there witch already added a repeater, meta field block that you could use. But we must do some research :slight_smile:

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P.S.: A less-customizable solution that allows you to show the many metadata type is to insert the Faceted Search block. You can insert it and hide numerous of the features that it has (filter sidebar, advanced search, pagination…) to achieve a similar items list layout.

thank you, yes, that will work for now! I completely understand the need to focus on the backend, refactoring, upgrading libraries etc, no worries about a slower pace for new features!

this is btw how things look like at the moment – quite a lot of customization is possible, mainly overwriting some css rules:
submission form: Kvinnans Sak – Bidra med din berättelse – Monument
list of items using the faceted search block: Samtidsdokumentation: ”Kvinna liv frihet, jin jiyan azadi, zan zendegi azadi”. – Monument

It is shaping nicely! You can play with some style-related settings that are available in the block settings, but certainly some things might require CSS. One of the reasons why I wish we could one day replace our custom blocks by core blocks is exactly that theme integration that is quite hard to achieve :thinking: