Extend year interval at date picker

@mateus.m.luna Hello Mateus,

A question about the date picker. I have an archive index that goes back a few centuries.
Filtering only allows to go back to 1822 i think.
Is it possible to change that?



Hi @dshshproject!

Sadly, the date picker component does have some issues that we are aware of. The one that you are referring to is a limitation of the component that we use. It has a setting where we can set the span of this years list. By default we are setting it to at maximum 200 years passed by. I don’t like increasing this much because it increases a list loaded in the browser memory, but in any case the best solution here would be to create an option where you could set this. For that I am creating an issue so we can take a look once we can:

Meanwhile, I would suggest you to try typing the date instead of using the selector for such an old value.

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