Date error


I am am trying to upload items in a project i am starting with Tainacan.
I have set the date as the format requests it for upload with CSV, however i get this error message for every item in the CSV:

*[2022-11-17 21:49:29] Error saving value for Data in item *
[2022-11-17 21:49:29] Array

  • [0] => Array*

  •    (*
  •        [metadata_type_error] => Array*
  •            (*
  •                [0] => Invalid date format. Expected format is MM/DD/YYYY, got 05/07/1729.*
  •            )*
  •    )*


I would appreciate any help,


Hey @dshshproject! Welcome to our forum!

We’re sorry that you are facing this issue. Could you please send us your CSV file (or maybe a few lines of it, so we could make a test?

Hi Mateus,

Of course. Attached is the file.
This is my test website: Dokumente në gjuhën osmane – Dokumente mbi Shqipërinë dhe Shqiptarët

elbasani_sheet6_test.csv (11.2 KB)


Uhmm, it seems that our error message up there was not correct. Actually, in a CSV file like this you should set your data in a ISO standard. Could you try the import again by defining your date as YYYY-MM-DD?

hi @dshshproject ,
The message log is wrong. the correct one would be:
Invalid date format. The expected format is Y-m-d, taken on 7/25/1729.

if you use this format you should be successful in importing:

I sended fix for the log message, in the next version this should be right.

Thanks for message

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Hi Mateus,
The format was the issue. It works fine with yyyy-mm-dd


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Thanks you!

@vnmedeiros Hi, is there any way i can enter only the year, or month and year?


Hi, unfortunately we don’t have a way to do it yet :frowning: :frowning: .
workaround would be to use numeric fields to represents the month or year

@vnmedeiros that means to create a field for each - day, month, year?