Items list content not loading on Chrome for Android


I have a specific problem, probably it is Chrome (Android) related but I will ask here, maybe you could have some suggestions.

Everything is working fine in Chrome for Windows and Samsung browser for Android. But when I load a page containing Tainacan faceted search in Chrome android, most of the times I get no content, then I reload a page and everything is OK.

You can test it here (Razglednice – Zbirka razglednica Marije i Krunoslava Leka – Državni arhiv u Dubrovniku). Click on the first image (PRO DOMO SUA, it is just example).
It will load some content - thumbnails of the items, and that is correct. But.
When go back and choose again the same PRO DOMO SUA. 5 out of 10 tries it won’t load content of the block (faceted search). If I refresh the page, everything is there.

Any ideas?


That is really hard to debug but I could reproduce it here… To be honest I have no clue :confused:.

It is even weirder that it happens only on Chrome. I could use the browser debug to inspect the device and the request for the items in being made so it must be something in the presentation level.

I will ask you to do some testing and in each of these, please remember to constantly clear server, site and browser cache before trying again:

  1. Disable other plugins such as cache ones, image loading ones, etc;
  2. Set other view modes as default;

Masonry (and Records) view mode uses a JavaScript library that depends heavily on page and image loading states to create its layout… maybe something is going wrong on its workflow during this pages transitions. But it is hard to guess. We’re working on a refactor of our code to migrate from Vue2 to Vue3 and that will affect this library loading as well, so it is something that I’ll ask you to test in the near future… because if the bug is related to it, it might as well disappear or who knows, get worse? We’ll need some testing in these particular situations.

BTW what sorcery is Qubely doing in that first page? :rofl: It watches my phone’s gyroscope to make the images tilt according to the device that’s dope :exploding_head:

LOL, I know about Qubely, I did not plan that effect, I tested everything primarily on the desktop pc, and just at the final testing I noticed that on the mobile phones but left it there for the time being :slight_smile:

I’ll try that testing and give you a feedback info :slight_smile:

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Ok, I have some feedback.

I use W3 Total Cache plugin, I disabled browser caching option in plugin and now it is working OK.

I did not deactivate W3 Total Cache plugin because that could sometimes lead to some problems, so I left W3 working, just disabled that one option.

Thanks for the feedback @Vedran_Serbu. We should have a place to write down this side effects. There are some features of W3Total Cache that I’ve tested that also impact the way our media gallery works… It is hard to deal with cache solutions sometimes.

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