Slideshow (slides view)

Hi. Is there an option so when we click on the image in slideshow it takes you directly to item page, instead of (slightly) zoom an image?

You can disable the Lightbox in:
“Customizer” → “Item from <your collection” → “Document and attachments” → Toggle the switch that disables Lightbox.

It wont do (maybe I’m doing it wrong).

You can check at:

Slides view is Pregled razglednica u galeriji (you can recognize it by its icon :slight_smile:

When click there, I enter in slides view but when I click on image, I get only to remove

Ohh ok, I misunderstood your question… You want that, in the items list, when using the slideshow view mode, the click on the image sends you to the item page.

That is not possible, mainly because the the slideshow viewmode renders the item document there, so it would display a YouTube player, an audio or vide player, or even a PDF file inside an iframe… stuff that usually expect another behavior for the click. That is why the link to the item page is offered in the button on the top right corner.

Sadly this would be hard to override. I can suggest that you give a try on the Gallery view mode from the Extra view modes plugin, but I believe you already tried it and it is not exactly what you are looking for, I suppose.

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