Slides - Show metadata button

I have 2 questions regarding slides gallery. First, is there any way to cutomize metadata sidebar of the slides (background color, font color, metadata showed etc.). Second, if is is not possible to customize that sidebar, is it possible to remove the button, so the slides are used only as slides, without any option to read the metadata.

Uhmm Have added custom CSS to change that background to light? You should be able to add more targeting the sidebar as well (the class is metadata-menu), but it is a bit tricky since you should also change other variables to keep font readable. If you just want to hide the button, maybe this will do:

#metadata-compress-button {
    display: none;

Regarding which metadata is shown there, it should list all public metadata that have the “display by default” setting enabled.

Tnx, it is working! :+1:

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