Items gallery without metadata

I’ve seen that there is an Item gallery but it is dealing only with one selected item and it’s attachments. Is there a way to have collection items gallery without metadata but when I click on the image I get item page with all metadata information. Some kind of viceversa what we have now.


Hi @Vedran_Serbu!

In fact what you are looking for is a bit different from the block purpose. But I think you can get something “closer” this way:

  • Instead of the Item Gallery, use the Faceted Search block;
  • In the block settings, disable the filter panel and all the search control options that are not relevant for you;
  • Disable all view modes, excepting the masonry and the slideshow (fullscreen);

Its not the same thing, because if the user clicks on the item, it will go to the item page. But if you hover the mouse there should be an icon that opens the slideshow view mode that point.