Tainacan + Encyclopedia? Any advice?


There is a collection of digital items of arts and artists (Photo, videos, posters…) and I would like to link in some cases to Encyclopedia (terms, and biographies).

Well, I still have not found a nice solution.

I tried this now:
Using Encyclopedia (Encyclopedia Pro WordPress Plugin | Dennis Hoppe)
and in Tainacan I tried two options:
1st: Using a URL Metadata where I put the direct link of the Encyclopedia permalink.
2nd: I have created a Tainacam Item as Document(URL type = Encyclopedia permalink ) and I gave this Item as Relationship.

In both cases the content of Encyclopedia only fetched as exceprt in iframe (not really nice way, no thumbnail) instead of the full site of given.

It would be nice if the relevant Encyclopedia part would be see in Tainacan Items page.

Any ideas?

Hi @Losonczi! Can you provide us with more details? How is the content from this site expected to appear?