Hyperlinks in the Descriptions

Hyperlinks in the Tainacan collections descriptions don’t working, but they are very essential. In the taxonomies descriptions, this function only partially working, because ignores the _blank attribute.
Please, adjust this useful feature.

Hi @YuriShkoda!

Inserting HTML inside fields is a delicate topic, we’ve been working on that for the last years and WordPress can be very strict about what is allowed, because it may be considered a security breach. The correct approach is to create WYSIWYG input fields for this elements and we have an issue opened for this:

Meanwhile, if you really need the links right now, you can comment or remove the following line:

This will allow <a> tags in any description for any entity. Sadly, this won’t solve the target=“_blank” issue. I believe it is removed from the WordPress side, but I’m investigating it to understand better.