How to swich Item from on collection to another?


How to swich Item from on collection to another?

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Sadly that is not possible. Items from different collection are essentially different type of digital objects, as they often are described by different metadata, which is why this is not possible. If you have a huge amount of items created in one collection and desires to move them to another, the easier path would be to export as CSV, adapt the columns, and then re-import them via CSV importer to the other collection.

I need one collection which is public and open for everybody to upload items and I will need a private for research. In case I found an item that would fit to my research it would be nice to have it in private collection or move to private collection.

If there is an exporter and an importer function, maybe it can can be connected and mapped for the destination collection. It would be a nice function for e.g. moving or duplicating items in case of need.

Uhm… but if your items are described by the same metadata they should belong in the same collection. Why not keep all items in one public collection but keep the research ones private? No one will be able to see them if they aren’t logged in.

Then, when desired, you can change their status to published, of course :slight_smile: