Importing Alternative Metadata standards/cores

Hello, I am configuring Tainacan for a paleontology museum - specifically for the fossil collection. When creating a collection, I see the option to use Dublin Core for default metadata types. Is it possible to import other “Cores” or metadata standards to Tainacan so I can use it as a template for new collections?

If so, is there a template or process I can refer to (perhaps from the Dublin Core) to properly import the new one?

I’m specifically hoping to implement the Darwin Core for the collection.




Hey @snachodog, welcome to our forum!

Dublin core is the default available from “core” and the idea is that others should be able to implement via plugins for the plugin. While we certainly need to improve documentation for this, we have some basic instruction here:

You cal also check out this plugin, which does a similar job for a standard that is used in Brazilian museums:

Of course in the future this should be easier. There are some features that need some work regarding mappers, we actually have an issue opened for it:

That said, while mappers are a useful path to start with a collection preset or later map the collections metadata to a certain standard, nothing prevents you from creating your collection metadata following the rules of the Darwin Core from scratch, for example :wink:

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Perfect! Thank you for guiding me to the right resources.

I am excited for the implementation of Tainacan for my organization!

Nice! Let us know if you find any other challenge.

We’re curious to hear about your project, if you wish to put it as a Use Case once its ready, we have a page for it: Tainacan Showcase – Tainacan

Good luck :wave:t3:

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