Space between top row and item content area

I’m trying to change space between top-row and item content area at single item page. I know that I can globally change space at CUSTOMISING → GENERAL → LAYOUT → CONTENT AREA SPACING but than it affects other pages throught the web so I want to avoid that.
Is there any CSS that I can use? Tnx.

It can be checked at

Hi @Vedran_Serbu!

The place to enable or disable spacing would be in Customizing → “Items from <your-collection-name”. Scroll down and you will see the option to activate or remove vertical space. If the default settings are not enough for you you could go the the settings of the page title (“Title of <your-collection-name”). There you should see one option named “bottom container spacing”, something similar. This one you can tweak to as many pixels as you want.

It’s not working for me, because I want to increase space between content area and top row. This is what is happening now:

In customize → items of collection_name I can either enable or disable vertical spacing, but I already enabled it and it is too small.

I found the Tittle of my_collection_name in CUSTOMIZE → SINGLE COLLECTION - > COLLECTION TITTLE → TOP SPACING but it won’t help. Maybe you did not mean that?


I even tried with this CSS:

.tainacan-item-single-page .tainacan-item-section {
margin-top: 100px !important;

But it moves only item section, and my sidebar stays at the same place - see image4

No no, you should look for the “Item of <your collection name>” setting. Single collection is another page.

Don’t do that, this affects your repository-level items list page (the one that you access in /itens)

In fact, this line will only affect the inner area. What you are trying to achieve requires some specificity… in this case you will have to figure out the ID of your collection (you can check it in the Tainacan Admin URL, when visiting the collection settings). Say your collection ID is “267”. Then you CSS would be something like this:

body.tnc_col_267_item-template-default #main>.ct-container {
    padding-top: 100px;

Let me know if this solves!

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It works, you’re really a lifesaver! Tnx so much! :pray: :grinning: :+1:

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