Submitting problem for file via the form

When files are submitted via the form ( from a registered user, WordPress hosting), after that, in the collection the file is missing while the metadata is present. Any suggestions?
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Hi @Yiorgis, welcome to our forum!

Just so we can help you better, could you clarify to me which form are you referring to? Is it the item edition page? Or is it an Item Submission Block?

If the first one is the case, are there any error message when the file is uploaded in the media file? We do have some topics related to this in our wiki:

Through the file submission form (while the corresponding permissions are available) the entry of the widespread is done without saving the file in the collection. No error message is displayed.

Could you share some screenshots of your workflow then? Does the image name appears at a certain point in the form? Or not even that? If no error appear in the UI, do you happen to see any errors in the console (more about that here)?