Collection items sorted by PART II

I already asked about collection items order in Collection items sorted by? - #3 por Vedran_Serbu but it will not work for “Tainacan collection items list” but it works for instance when I click on “View collection on website”. Is there any way I can customize it that works either way.

Hi @Vedran_Serbu!

I might be wrong, but you could you try to set the order when selecting the items in the modal? Using the block, whichever configuration that you apply to the search should affect the items that appear on the block. That is valid for filters and orderby/order settings.

I’m not sure what you mean, but if it is is here (picture1) and here (picture2), it’s not working. I’m trying to set ordere by “redni broj” metadata.

But when I choose in that order, I always get sorted by “creation date” results.

It would be great to put an option for sorting in block settings

Uhm, I see @Vedran_Serbu. In fact, looking at the code, we’re just saving the order (asc vs desc) option, not the orderby. I’m opening an issue so we can look at this once we had time:

Meanwhile, there might exist an “overkill” solution… Could you try using the “Faceted Search” block for this? You can disable, filters, pagination, view modes and many other things to get closer to the Collection Items List block.

Tnx, I’ll check faceted search