Collection items sorted by - PART III

Hi, hello from me again.

Me and my colleagues archivists have been very busy and uploaded all 1800+ images into the collection, defined taxonomies and child taxonimies, and my colleagues are still typing in the metadata for each collection item. That job is pretty much getting done by the end of the year.

I still have the problem with right order of items collections presented. I have two preffered ways (Tainacan blocs) as an option to present items:

  1. Tainacan Collection’s Items List block - one example can be seen here:

The items are properly ordered by Item name, I deliberately left the item names here for testing reasons and items go ordery (1,2,3…)

24. ZELJEZNICA_24.02.jpg
24. ZELJEZNICA_24.03.jpg …

BUT, when I click on any item and go to item page, like this:

You can notice the POSTS NAVIGATION (PREVIOUS - NEXT ITEM) options on the bottom of the page, it is not going orderly. Is is solvable?

Other option to present the series from collection is like this:

  1. Tainacan Faceted Search block - example can be seen here

I can manually as a visitor define to sort collection items presented BY TITLE but I want to define it as default for every new visitor BY TITLE because for new visitors it always initially goes to SORT BY CREATION DATE and that is the least relevant option for me. Is there an option to define SORT BY TITLE as defalut option, this is very important for me and my colleagues.

Could it be solved like FORCED DEFAULT VIEW MODE where I can define initial defalut view mode for faceted seach block, we could have an option FORCED DEFAULT ORDER BY option in block options.

Thank you! :slight_smile:


Hi @Vedran_Serbu!

You are right. That’s because this block creates a simple list of links, they are not aware of their destination, thus they don’t pass any value as params to the item page. The item page does not know where it came from, then it just renders a default navigation order. I don’t think it is reasonable to add this feature to the block, as it would make it more complex than what it is meant to be.

Now, here in the faceted search block, I think we should solve this. It is not an easy thing to do, due to the complexity of sorting params. I have opened another issue for that:

But considering your rush, I tried to implement a “non-ideal” way for it. You can try using it:

Here is what you will have to do:

  • Install the new version, remember to reload your browser and clear cache.
  • Make sure your Collection’s setting have the “Title” metadata defined in the order by.
  • Remove the previous faceted search block entirely, then insert a new one and select your collection. Publish the page.

To test the block, you should access the page for the first time, in a browser tab where you are not logged in. That’s because user preferences usually get saved and win visualization of things like orderby.

Let me know if this worked, I couldn’t do much testing.

Unfortunately, still not working.

I installed the updated plugin. Cleared the cache on Wordpress. Cleared the cache in my browsers. Deleted old Faceted search block. Created new Faceted search block.Tried on same browser in privacy mode, tried on some third computer, but it is still forced - SORT BY CREATION DATE :frowning:

One remark from my side - when I create Faceted search block

  1. I choose Tainacan faceted search
  2. Click on Items list source and choose - TAXONOMY TERM
  3. I choose taxonomy term
  4. Click finish.

I wrote this just for you to know (you probably do but to be on the safe side)

Tnx again for your effort :slight_smile:

UPDATE: With this new version it wont even “remember” setting for old visitor, it is alwys going back to SORT BY CREATION DATE. Maybe this could help what went wrong.

Oh, you are using the Taxonomy Terms Items list… that would not work anyway because the collection sorting setting is valid only for Collection Items List. The Taxonomy Term Items list may have items from different collections (because taxonomies may be used in repository level), thus it cannot be sorted by a single collection setting. So the way that I see for this is to create an option for the Taxonomy Term Items list that would allow you to choose between date, title and maybe other repository level values, which we can be sure that are present in every collection.

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Thank you for your response.
We have 1804 collection items in one and only collection in repository. Those collection items (postcards) are divided into series and subseries (27 series and a number of subseries) and a hierarchy is set via taxonomy. All 27 series and subseries of collection items files are named logically so it could be sorted by name (title). For example this is syntax of file names (titles)

  1. PRODOM_01.01.01

Meaning - 1.01.01 (series.subseries.subseries)

So, there is not a problem to sort it by title (filename).

Just tell me what I have to do? :slight_smile:

Thank you again :slight_smile:


Hi @Vedran_Serbu, the problem will still happen. It is actually easier to be solved, now that we’re talking about a listing that expect repository-level/core metadata. I just need more time to implement it, because really the default is always date for any listing :frowning:

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No problem, but please don’t forget about us :slight_smile: :pray: :pray: :pray: I’m aware that it is probably the worst time of the year for this kind of work.

Anyway, we are still in “typing in the metadata” phase, we have plenty of time and I have much of other things to do to finish the design of the web, but at some point I would really wanted know which block to use. Thank you again.

No problem @Vedran_Serbu, I appreciate your patience. When are you estimated to have this archive released?

Our efforts are now focused on creating the geographic location metadata, but I try to look at this kind of issue once in a week at least.

Probably not before February is my optimistic prediction, we are not tied with some deadlines, that is the good news. :+1:

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Hi @Vedran_Serbu, could you give another try?

This time, there should be two new options in the block sidebar when you are setting Terms Items List:

The ideal is to show every repository metadata there, but by now Title and Creation date were simple to add. Remember to create your block from scratch and to clean up your page URL when testing.

Let me know if this works!

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Hey, sorry for the late answer, I did not check this thread but was waiting for your reply, I don’t understand how I missed it. I’ll try it today and get back to you.

Thank you again. :+1:

It works perfect, thank you!

Will this feature be included in the next version of tainacan so I can update regullary?



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That’s great to hear @Vedran_Serbu.

Yes, don’t worry. Next release will feature this option.

How do I get to these options, have they been put out in Version 0.20.2? I would also like to have a default order that is not creation date. I would also request being able to set a default displayed data. Changing it on my side does not change it for users. This is using appearance> themes> customize> Tainacan item list page

Hi @eeszarek. In order to change the default “displayed metadata” in the items list, you should look to the Collection Metadata settings. Each metadata has a setting “Display on listing”, with three possible values:

  • Never display;
  • Disabled by default;
  • Enabled by default;

When you create a metadata they are “Disabled by default”, to avoid polluting the Table and Records View mode. When a user enable it in the list visualization itself, the option is saved as an user preference. So if the user is logged, the value should persist. But In your case, what you might want to is to set some metadata as “Enabled by default”, so it always appear enabled at first load.

Regarding the default OrderBy, I implemented the “title” option in the Gutenberg Faceted Search Block and in the Blocksy Theme options. In fact, I did not implemented yet in the Tainacan Interface options. But if I am not wrong, it should obey the Collection’s setting of default orderby. It just will loose precedence over any user settings (so if you are logged you will always see the last visited by you, as it keeps saved in the URL).

Can you confirm that these work? If not, could you share some links and screenshots?

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