Connect GeoCoordinates to existing MetaData

Is there a way to connect the X and Y coordinates to metadata that already exists? I am having trouble finding ways to dynamically edit metadata like this. For example{z}/{this.longitude}/{this.latitude}.png or mapping it?
More importantly, is it possible to do this at a database level, so I can add this functionality to 500 images?

Hi @eeszarek, welcome to our forum!

We’re glad to hear that you are playing around with the GeoCoordinate metadata. This is a quite recent feature and feedback is always welcome. Unfortunately, there is no way to do what you are looking for via User Interface right now.

The way for achieving this is to export your collection to a CSV file (via Exporters) and then edit it in a Spreadsheed editor like Google Docs, Excel or a more specialized tool like OpenRefine, which should nail things like merging cells like that.

Then, you could re-import your collection using the CSV Importer with the setting to “updated repeated items” enabled, which will make the upload check for special field `item_id in your CSV file to update instead of create new items.

Does it make sense? If you need more detailed help with this process, let us know!


Hello @eeszarek. As @mateus.m.luna said, we don’t have a way to do this through the interface. If you can’t edit the spreadsheet, you can export the database and send only the special_item_id and the latitude and longitude fields here or privately to me (I’ll assemble it for you). In the worksheet, the Concatenate formula can be used to join the two fields in the standard url, it is very simple to assemble. After that, just update the collection.

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Thank you both for the fast replies! I will play around a little longer with these suggestions, and if I don’t get it I will follow up.

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