"Items related to this" doesn't show up on actual interface

Hi Tainacan Team,
I’m having trouble showing Items related to this on actual interface while it shows up on draft, please see below:

actual interface:

let me know what should I work on to show the link up. Thanks!

Hi @sidhivhisatya! Welcome to our forum!

When you say that it appears on draft, do you mean when the theme Customizer is on? Or when the item itself is in draft status.

In any case that is weird… can I have a link to check it?

Hi @mateus.m.luna, what i meant with draft was in the customization process (I’m currently using blocksy). Here is the link: Putu Shanty – Bali Archive and Repository. Thank you!

I’m really impressed by your project, it looks really nice! I’m curious to learn more about it, don’t hesitate to share with us when it’s done :wink:

Unfortunately I could not detect a reason for the related items not appearing there (as long as they do in the customizer). Can I ask you to contact me in private and give me an access to I can debug inside the admin?

Sure. I’ll send private message with some login info. Just to put it in this forum, I found couple customization problems when aiming to turn of this part (I’m leaving out images from page navigation but it keeps coming back when I publish it):

Just to keep registered here. After investigating in the private link, we discovered that the relationship metadata was set to a private status, thus it would appear only for logged in users.

Thank you, Mateus!