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Hello @mateus.m.luna

Is there any locale file in the plugin? How do we change the language?


Hi @dshshproject,

You won’t find locale files in the plugin code because they are hosted in the WordPress translations repositories:

If your language is listed there and has more than 80% of translation approved, you should be able to use the plugin in your website. I your WordPress admin panel, make sure to:

  1. Have the language set in Settings → General → Site language;
  2. Have all translation updates installed in Panel → Updates → Bottom of the list, there should be language pack updates available, if any.

Let me know if this helps!

@mateus.m.luna I was the one submitting the translation in Albanian. But is not approved yes. Who is the one approving it?

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WOW you did a lot of work there!

Thank you for all the effort! As a plugin author, I have to request the Albanian WordPress team to approve you as a Project Translator. Don’t worry, I’ll do this right now and hopefully by the beginning of next week they will have an answer. This way you will have permission to set your translations as approved and the will be available for users.

Hey @dshshproject it looks like it worked!

This guy approved your translations:

You should be able to update your language files from any Albanian WordPress site by going to the WordPress Admin->Updates → Scroll down to translations.

I would suggest you to take a time to translate the README as well, in order for users to have a brief introduction to what Tainacan is and what it can do.

Thank you for this huge contribution and welcome to our community!

I am happy to announce to all users of the Tainacan plugin that I have completely translated all more than 1800 strings into the Slovak language, so Tainacan is localized for Slovakia and the Czech Republic.
Dusan Katuscak, Slovakia

@mateus.m.luna you have done a great service to many of us looking for a solution within Wordpress. I enjoyed working on the translation. Will try to do translate Read me as well. Thanks.

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