Turkish Translation

Hello Everyone,
We started a project with Tainacan and Turkish translation is one of our top priority tasks. We are experienced in OSS localizations but never done any translations in WordPress.
I checked the wiki but could not find any walkthroughs on how to start translation.
Can you please guide me?
Best regards,

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Hi @Fatih_Gunes!

We’re glad to hear of your plans to help the plugin translation! You can start here, where you can add translation suggestions:

At first, all your translations we’ll be marked as in need for a revision. That is because WordPress always leaves to each “locale” community to decide if someone’s translation is valid. They usually want to make sure that you are at least following some best practices, such as a common glossary:

Once you have done a good portion of translations, we’ll get your username and use it to open a PTE request, such as this one that I did for French:

And the Turkish translators will be the ones to evaluate your work.

Got it?