Offer to contribute to the French translation

Hi everyone,

First time here :blush:

I volunteer for a small historical society in the French-speaking part of Switzerland (

We benchmarked some open-source digital collection tools to manage and display our collection, and Tainacan is the clear winner for our use case. Awesome feature set and user experience! Thanks to all for the great work.

Tainacan is not yet published in French, there was an effort started a few years ago (25% on the plugin) but it wasn’t completed. We offer to contribute to achieving this.

I had a few words with @mateus.m.luna about this on GitHub.

We already started to suggest translation for the plugin (and readme) Projects translated to French (France) < GlotPress | and the default theme Translations < French (France) < Tainacan Interface < GlotPress |

Our goal is to focus first on the front facing string and follow with the backend.

We’re currently defining our French “Tainacan glossary” for consistency across the project.

We would love to become the French Project Translation Editor (PTE) for the plugin and theme.

Our accounts:

Fabrice : president of the society, and the main user of Tainacan. fducrest (@fducrest) – WordPress user profile |

Yves (myself) : volunteer at the society.

Does this sounds like a plan to you ?

Thanks !

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Hey @ylatti, welcome to our forum :tada: :wave:t3: :tainacan:!

This archive is shaping nicely! Once your work is complete, would you like to add it to our Use cases? We have collection of some highlighted archives here.

I’ve opened the PTE request:

Feel free to open any new topics with doubts regarding translation or the usage of the plugin.

It would be my honor ! I’ll come back when our collection takes shape online :slight_smile:

Awesome !
I’m not able to open your link, I suppose it’s private.
I’ll wait for an update.

Thank you @mateus.m.luna !

Yes, it is pending review, they take a time to approve things there.

Also, just to ping here a french-speaking user from the very first days of our forum, @jacki.pilon, he might take advantage of your work once you have more progress :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello !
Glad to be of help !
Yves and I will coordinate our work on the translations and will let you know about our progress.
Have a nice day !

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