Taxonomy - customization

When I click on taxonomy link, it takes me to the taxonomy page. Is there a way to customize things there, like show/hide some things etc.

Here is the link to the example and some screenshots.

Tnx :slight_smile:

Yessss and no…

The Term Items List page is a single template, which in Blocksy you can customize via “Customizer” → “extensions” → “Tainacan Term Items”. The settings available there will let you tweak things that will affect all the Term Items List pages.

There are a lot of things that we want to make possible to customize there, such as per-term or at least per-taxonomy view mode, orderby, filters, etc… but that would require a whole new area of settings in the admin and we still don’t have that. So for now it behaves displaying everything repository-level wide.

One thing that you can do, if you use your Taxonomy in only one collection and prefer to view this list in a more narrow context is to go to your collection metadata settings, find that Taxonomy metadata and change the option that says “Link filtered by collections”. Then add only the collection that actually use that Taxonomy.

Thank you so much, I’ve found the customization page. In fact, the only thing I would prefer (we talked about that earlear and you enabled it for block TANICANAN FACETED SEARCH) is OrderBy function, as usual, I would like to order it by title, not by cration date, but I suppose you already have too much “on your plate”.

The page shoud be ready for public any time soon, I’ll inform you when so you could put it on your showcase list. Also, my coleges arhivists plan to write a peer-reviewed article about this whole project and asked me to contribute with the part about digitalization and web presentation so, in some time, I’ll probably have some questions about Tainacan :slight_smile:

Thanks again for your support all this time.

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No worries, we’ll be here for any questions.

I admit we still need to evolve on places to add this “orderby” settings. You can force it via code but via UI it still limited and depends on adding features to the themes that add this compatibility.

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