Video URL Metadata on Chrome

Hello Tainacan team.
I’m having an issue on some PCs running chrome.
The embedded videos do not show!
I have selected force iframe in the video collection items but with no luck.
Personally I have tested about 10 PCs, phones,tablets etc and all work but my client says he has 2 PCs thy won’t load the video.
This is where you can find the videos

Any ideas??

Hi @Alkis!

That is weird… I tested on both Chrome and Firefox here and indeed the videos in the document do not show, only the YouTube ones in the metadata.

Which format/source does the video have? Could you please send me the link of one of the videos that you are trying to display?

@mateus.m.luna I am sorry to confuse you.
I am using Youtube (this is why I typed URL in the title :slight_smile: ) for all the videos!!

For example this is one of the two Αγουλινίτσα - YouTube

If you saw the 2 videos then it looks like it is OK !!

I was able to embed this link here. My guess is that you are setting the option of “Forcing iframe” without the need for it, because YouTube videos are automatically embeded by WordPress. Try saving the document without this option on. And remember, the item must be public or private, draft items do not auto-embed.

Thaaank you!!!

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