Widget item del mes

Hola. Espero que todo el mundo esté bien.
¿Sería posible un widget que presentara algo así como el ítem del mes (o de la semana…), seleccionado aleatoriamente o de forma manual?


I feel like this feature would be better handled by some WordPress plugin. There are numerous targeting posts display (like a random selection of posts every time the user access a page). And any block/widget that works for posts may be set to display Tainacan Items, as they are, in the inside, just Custom Post Types :wink:.

Now, I must admit I’ve never used one with this particular setting (random selection, but just change at the beginning of the Week/Month), but I also haven’t tried out many so far. :thinking:. If you or anyone happens to know it, we could discuss integration or maybe a feature request for the plugin developers.