Change default order of metadata

Is there a way to change default order of metadata - I know I can click and drag metadata field in selected collection metadata list, but is there a way to change default order.

Hi @Vedran_Serbu!

Sadly, we don’t have this option yet. Repository-level metadata are not sortable mainly to avoid the confusion of how would inherited metadata be sorted in the collections. Would the order be valid only for the initial state (right after the collection is created)? Or would it have to be reset in to a default section in an order that ir related to the repository ones? Back then I believe we considered it too complicated to implement. But I understand the downside once you already have set them, and filled items… the path to “fix” is complicated:

  1. Create new repository metadata, this time in the order that you desire;
  2. Copy values from old metadata to the other, possibly using Bulk Edition Modal or CSV import to update;
  3. Remove the previous metadata.

But there is some discussion about bringing more control to repository level settings, which could led to implementing this feature as well:

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